Gain Happiness by Giving

Kindness is always the answer

You can do many things through money, but happiness is something you cannot buy. One of the acts that will give you immense happiness and satisfaction is making others smile. People who cannot fulfill their needs, individuals who are suffering, are the people who need your support and help.

Charity is an excellent way through which you can contribute to people’s lives and also feel satisfied in your own life. There might be a massive change in someone’s life through your small contribution. Just Sefe is the brand that wants to share the message of giving, and will be donating a percentage of every order to a charity.

Just Sefe is a brand that sells beauty products. Our motto is that beauty is not only external but internal as well. Taking this same message, we are now giving donations to two of the most prominent non-profit organizations. Just Sefe will give 1% of each sale to either of the two charities listed at checkout. We will allow you, our wonderful customers to pick the organization of your choice at the checkout, and you can decide where you want the funds to go. Therefore, this is a fun and interactive way to spread the message and help others through the business.

Here is everything you need to know about the two non-profit organizations we have chosen, and where the donations will be going. Plus we love to hear from you. Are you passionate about a cause? Lets us know. If we have enough demand, we will add the charity to our list. Contact us at

1. Four Paws International:

The first option that we have, and a cause very dear to our hearts, is the non-profit organization Four Paws International. If you are an animal lover and don’t want to see any animal in pain, this option might be for you. This animal welfare organization helps animals suffering from any human attack or natural disaster.

They also rescue animals that are in desperate need and also protect them. This organization also supports the animals by giving them the proper treatment if they are unhealthy or injured.

They also rescue animals and place them up for adoption so that the animals can have a secure and happy place to live their lives. Four Paws International makes sure that animals worldwide can have a better environment to live in.

Therefore, this is the perfect organization through which you can help animals worldwide and make their lives a little easier.

The main aim of this organization is to create awareness among humans. They want that humans can respect, understand and love animals. Humans have dominium over animals, and its is our responsibility to look after them with care, love and respect.

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UNICEF or United Nations Children’s Funds is the platform that helps children all over the world. This is one of the most prominent non- profit organizations made for children so that they can have a better life. UNICEF has played a significant role in 190 countries and worked with different families and organizations. They provide food, clean water, education, and many other things for vulnerable children. They also protect and save children from violence.

UNICEF also provides medical treatment for the children, such as vaccination, medicines, surgeries, etc. They ensure that they can help as many children as they can. You will find that they have worked in the most remote places and helped children in truly dire circumstances. Their main aim is that every child can reach their maximum potential and be successful in life.

We feel every child has a right to a bright future. Every child deserves a chance. Unicef is doing great work helping change the lives of the worlds most vulnerable children.

You now can also be part of the change and make other people happy by giving to charity through Just Sefe. This initiative will bring happiness to animals and humans all over the world, and also make you feel amazing. There is nothing more powerful than to give.


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