How to Make Them Regret Leaving you 

How could they? They must be insane! How could anyone leave a smoke show like you? There is obviously something wrong with them?! Smh! But this article is about you, not them. 

Breakups are the worst! The absolute worst! And we understand that. The temptation to cry and drive your girlfriend's crazy talking about your ex for months on end is overwhelming. However, it is time to regroup and become the goddess you are again and give them a taste of what they lost. But how, do you ask?!? Never fear, Just Sefe is here! We are here to help you straighten your tilted crown again and reclaim your former fabulousness!!  

The first step is to realise your worth. You don't need them to be happy; your happiness comes from within, and they should know that too. So, once you are done crying buckets – which is natural, it is time to turn your life around and show them what they lost and show the world what you're made of.


You know how getting a haircut after making significant life decisions gives you confidence? A new haircut indicates that you have promised yourself to start fresh.

Hence, a post-breakup makeover is a necessity. Once you are done sobbing, pick up your bag and head to your favourite salon/spa. Get your hair done, get a facial, give yourself and your skin the treatment they deserve and walk out looking like a movie star. 

Trust us, the confidence you will ooze will not only make your ex second guess their decision and regret losing you but will also cause a few other heads to turn around too.



Ever heard the saying, living well is the best revenge? Well, it's absolutely correct. Now you have more time to focus on yourself, that's exactly what you should do. Focus on your work, focus on getting a promotion at your job, start that business you always wanted, create a YouTube channel you were always too scared or too busy to launch. Go to exciting, different, fun places, improve your social circles, surround yourself with positive people who lift, push and inspire you. Set yourself goals. The list is endless.

The more time you spend levelling up, the less time you have to think about your ex. Trust me, if you follow this rule alone, your life will change, and magic will happen. 



While we suggest breaking off contact with your ex once they break up with you - Ya gotta go cold turkey! However….….keeping them on social media won't hurt. This is because where else will they see what you are up to in life and how well you are thriving, right?

Post pictures of you doing fun things, going to great places, meeting new people. Do things that make you happy and hang out with your friends. 

They are bound to get curious and wonder about you once they see how beautiful you look and how happy you are without them. They will be thinking, why are you not chasing them?? Why are you not a hot mess on the floor after they did a break dance on your heart!?! And that's exactly where you want them! 

Make sure you mute their social media feeds, though… You want them to see you, but you don't want to see their feed; this will not help your mental state if they keep popping up on your feed, plus the temptation to have a sneak peek at a story will be too great! They will know you've been spying on them, and we don't want that! You're too busy with your own fabulous life to spy on someone who rejected you! You have to keep your focus on you and continue to be strong. 



One of the best things you can do when you're stressed is to exercise. There is nothing like a good old workout session to relieve any tension or anxiety you have. You could try yoga? Excellent for calming nerves and balancing out your hormones. Or want something more active? Put on your best workout clothes, pop in your headphones, listen to your favourite songs, jump on that cross trainer and workout! Work up a sweat and love every minute of it! You will feel instantly better physically and mentally, and your body will be smoking hot too. Um, excuse me, who doesn't want to flaunt a flat stomach and a spectacular body shape, right?

The proper form of exercise will help you feel good about yourself and your body, and the difference you will make through it will be noticeable. Hence, everyone, including your ex, will notice the positive changes in you, and he/she is bound to tell themselves off for leaving a goddess like you.



Now it's time to step up your beauty game and get your beauty regime solid and tight! Take care of your skin and treat yourself to natural, high-quality beauty products. We recommend using Just Sefe cleansing balm every night to remove all your makeup and everyday pollution accumulated on your face. Using a cleansing balm is such a relaxing way to end your day.

Our cleansing balm is like having a spa in a jar; it's so relaxing and smells amazing. Once you have finished cleansing your face apply Just Sefe Hydrate and Repair face oil or Just Sefe super hydrating night cream. This carefully curated oil and night cream is made with 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and vegan.

These products are amazing for your skin and are superb for anti-aging. You will have your skin glowing and looking refreshed before bedtime. Even better, you will wake up looking flawless! Taking care of yourself with these products will make you feel even more beautiful, confident and help you thrive on your way forward.



Please don't beat yourself up. Relationships take two people; you most probably both made mistakes. Learn from them and do better next time. No one is perfect; we all make mistakes. Don't over analyse every single thing that you said or did in the relationship you think you may have done wrong. Better to mess up with a frog rather than your prince! (Yes, your ex may be a frog) Love is like anything else. Sometimes you have to mess up, learn from your mistakes to get better at something. Relationships are no different and are not always easy. So be kind to yourself. 



    Let me explain. If you believe that your ex is the best thing that is ever going to happen to you in your whole entire life, you are going to behave in that way, which is not attractive. Begging, pleading, moping around, waiting for that call from him or her is not attractive. You are a smoke show! A hot mama! A queen! You have an abundance mindset. You know your worth! You must believe in the depth of your soul that you deserve to be loved, worshipped and adored, and you are going to meet someone 100 times better if your ex does not come to their senses and return. Even if you don't feel and believe it this very minute because you're all cut up about the break up, you have to force yourself to believe it as sure as you know that grass is green and the sky is blue! 



    Having someone in your life and then them leaving for sure leaves a void. However, this doesn't mean you have to start dating someone new immediately. Take some time off from dating and heal. Enjoy your single life while it lasts; it is actually a lot of fun. When you are married with 10 kids years from now, you will miss your single life and the complete freedom you once had, so enjoy it now.

    Your happiness will come from yourself. So, only when you are happily single will you be satisfied when committed too.



    Okay… we said enjoy single life, but if you miss being with someone, then put the feelers out and find someone even better than your ex. Jazz up your dating app profile with new pictures. If you're taking our advice, you're going out and having fun, so you're bound to meet some great people. The fastest way to feel better about the whole break up situation is to date and have fun. Enjoy being wined and dined by your new love interests while maintaining your happy, independent life. 



    Okay, it's great you stumbled across this article; we love having you here; however, the object is to move forward in your life, and the effect of you moving forward and living your best life is usually what causes your ex to second guess their decision, because you're living your best life, and not crying about them. 

     It's very difficult to move forward and think of anything but your ex if you are constantly reading and watching YouTube videos on how to get your ex back. Your mind will focus on what you feed it. You see, the more you focus on your life, being happy, levelling up and achieving great things with your life, the more attractive you become to EVERYONE.

    Two things will happen if you follow our advice. Your ex will return on their own without you pretty much doing anything at all, but being your best self and living your life, or option two, you will meet someone even better (which is actually the better option). Sometimes we have to trust the universe and believe that god has a great plan for you, and IF your ex is the plan, they will be back, if not NEXT……


    Heartbreak is a part of life, and unavoidable pain, unless you plan to be single your whole life and never date anyone. Heartbreak can be a good thing. Would Adele be Adele if she had not suffered heartbreak? Her songs are all about the broken heart and the happy ending that never was. A lot of artists have made a lot of money, crying and singing about love gone wrong, but ended up laughing all the way to the bank! Use this experience to improve yourself. 

    While making your ex regret their decision might be the main agenda here, these tips really are great ways for you to have a happier life. 

    Following this will not only make the person who broke your heart realise that they probably made one of their biggest mistakes in life, but it will also help you lead on towards a better and happier one, and you will most probably meet someone EVEN BETTER!! because the person who is going to add to your happiness is probably never going to break up with you in the first place....

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