How To Stay Looking Young Forever Naturally

How To Stay Looking Young Forever Naturally

How To Stay Looking Young Forever Naturally?

It is no mystery that ageing is inevitable. You will live to a ripe old age if you are lucky enough. Whoop pee! If you have to age, why not look amazing whilst doing it? 

Here at Just Sefe, we feel there are lots of effective ways to retain your beautiful, youthful skin, which does not involve expensive, painful and sometimes risky procedures. You can keep your crystal clear and attractive skin for a long time with the right habits and skin care products. Well, It just so happens you're in luck. 

We have the perfect skincare tips and tricks to keep you looking young forever. No matter what age you are. Let’s explore these simple yet effective ways.


10 Skin Care Tips for Young Looking Skin

The struggle of life and hectic routines often make us neglect our health which showcases in our skin. Therefore, we have listed 10 effective ways to prevent premature ageing and maintain healthy skin forever!

  1. Focus on What you Eat:

Getting your diet on point should be the first step. Add nutritious fruits and vegetables to your diet. They provide essential vitamins to support normal ageing, and keep you young from the inside out. Supplement vegetables and fruits with grains and healthy proteins.


  1. Quit smoking and heavy drinking
  • Avoid smoking because cigarette smoke contains toxins that disturb your skin, causing dryness and wrinkles.
  • Refrain from drinking too much alcohol. It dehydrates the skin and triggers broken vessels, causing redness and pimple bumps.


  1. Wear Sunscreen Regularly:

It is a pro tip to maintain youthful skin. Add sunscreen to your daily skincare routine. Whether you plan to play in the sun or pop out for some winter air, you should wear sunscreen daily. Regardless if it is summer, winter, rain, or windy weather, sunscreen will protect you from every thick and thin of weather.

We suggest using broad-spectrum moisturising sunscreen with zinc oxide and an SPF 30 or higher. 


  1. Take Supplements:

When an organised diet does not give the required results, it implies that your skin needs a heavy dose in the form of supplements. For instance, collagen supplements improve skin texture as it is a building block of skin. You can also add Vitamin A or Zinc supplements to your diet to control sebum production and lessen the occurrence of blackheads. Glutathione is another powerful supplement that can help to minimise breakouts, give you glowing skin, and minimise wrinkles. And don't forget Vitamin C. This an amazing supplement to boost your immune system and give you radiant, glowing skin. 

No matter which supplements you are taking to look gorgeous forever, do not forget to consult your doctor.

  1. Follow a Skincare Routine:

Having a skincare routine is crucial. Cleansing and moisturising are super important. Whether going to bed or starting the day, always follow these basic simple steps.

Start your day by cleansing your skin thoroughly with Just Sefe Gentle Daily Cleanser, applying your favourite sunscreen, applying Just Sefe vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum, and finishing with Just Sefe Supreme C day cream. If your skin needs further hydration, add a few drops of Just Sefe Hydrate And Repair Face Oil. Let your skin rest for 5 minutes before applying makeup.

Once you are done with the day, don't forget to remove makeup and dirt buildup on your face and cleanse and moisturise your skin at night. Use our Just Sefe Cleansing Balm, followed by our Gentle Cleanser if you feel you want to double cleanse, then add a few drops of Just Sefe Hydrate And Repair Oil or our Ultimate anti ageing Cream to moisturise your face; following these steps will keep your skin fresh, young and glowing.


  1. Be Happy And Smile (Surround yourself with Positive People)

Your energy defines your age. If you are always stressed, sad, working day and night doing a job you don't enjoy, you will likely experience wrinkles before your time. Hence, to look young forever, surround yourself with positive people who give you positive vibes and keep you cheered. Be happy and smile to retain good internal and external health. 

Don't underestimate the power of keeping only positive people and energy in your life. Stress and sadness will take their toll as years pass and show up on your face. 


  1. Don't Forget your Neck, Knees, and Hands:

Ladies and gents, don't forget to look after your hands, neck and knees. When you are moisturising your face, don't forget to show some love to these areas. Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! Ageing affects the entire body, and the hands, knees and neck can be the real giveaway. So don't neglect them.


  1. Sleep Well:

The most effective key to maintaining a youthful body and soul is to get some rest. When you take rest or sleep, your body produces hormones responsible for the rejuvenation of cells. Utilise this time to your advantage. 

For further care, upgrade your pillow to a satin pillowcase. It is because, with the passage of time, rubbing the face on rough fabric such as cotton can result in damaged skin, resulting in wrinkles.


  1. Exercise At least 4 Times a Week:

Continuous movement is beneficial in maintaining an optimal weight. But do you know it helps you look younger? It has proven that exercise, especially high-intensity exercise, can minimise your ageing.

The benefits do not end here. Regular exercise enhances blood flow, oxygen transportation and important nutrients throughout your body. It leads to a more young and fresh appearance.


  1.  Don't Obsess about Ageing:


 Okay, we know this article is about looking young forever, and we are totally obsessed with skincare, health and trying to look and feel our best, but relax and take a break. Life is about enjoying and having fun. Wrinkles, age spots, marks, and freckles are part of life and ageing. If the signs are visible on the skin, do not worry. They can be reversed to some extent without running to your local plastic surgeon's office. Focus on having fun, developing and maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends, doing charity work, and giving to others. Focus on things that are not looks orientated. I know it sounds corny, but beauty and youth also come from within. A kind, the positive vibe is more attractive than a mean, selfish wrinkle free person… Just saying.



The Bottom Line

Taking good care of yourself and having a healthy lifestyle is the key to looking youthful and young for longer. The earlier you start to implement these habits, the better. Turning to Botox, cosmetic surgery, and other treatments is not a wise idea to stay young. At least do not consider it before 40! YES, 40!!. If you look after your skin and have a healthy lifestyle, you should not need any help before 40. Yes, we said it again 40! Forty is still pretty young. To help retain a younger look, we have mentioned some effective ways in this guide. Go through this guide, and follow the techniques consistently to see the results.

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It is no mystery that ageing is inevitable. You will live to a ripe old age if you are lucky enough. Whoop pee! If you have to age, why not look amazing whilst doing it?