What are the differences between salt and sugar scrubs?

What are the differences between salt and sugar scrubs?

Torn between which scrub is going to give you the most flawless skin ever? Sugar? Salt? Sugar? Salt? Oh the confusion?? But let us help you understand by breaking it all down for you.

Salt is one of mother natures many beautiful gifts bestowed upon us. It has so many uses and benefits. One of which is scrubbing this glorious substance all over our bodies to make our skin soft, glowing and beautiful! (not your face though…Please, please, no salt scrubbing on the face)

Salt scrubs tend to be more abrasive than sugar scrubs. Salt scrubs are made with natural coarse salts, which have larger granules that can be more harsher on the skin than it sugar counter part. We have put coarse sea salt in our Expresso scrub for that very reason. It gives you most polished skin ever with its combination of coarse sea salt, seeds and coffee pods.

The texture of the salt scrub also allows it to exfoliate dead layers of surface cells more aggressively than sugar scrubs would. This may present some benefits but can also result in redness, irritation and even cuts on sensitive skin, which is why we have created our sweet Himalayan body scrubs, which is the perfect blend of sugar and salt together. This combination gives you the benefits of the salt, without the risk of irritation.

Salt scrubs are not usually made with additives but are made with coarse salt and oils. Since they are not always diluted or mixed with other ingredients, salt scrubs can be extremely strong and hydrating, and have a wonderful effect on the skin.

Some salt scrubs may also contain additional ingredients such as scents, colourants to make the product opaque - natural sea salts are translucent - extra nutrients, may be added such as vitamins or essential oils to enhance the salt scrub's therapeutic benefits, and preservatives to make the product last longer. There is a lot of concern about preservatives in beauty products, but this is a subject we will cover in another article. But just briefly, you want preservative in your scrubs, Trust us.

What’s up sugar

Sugar scrubs are made with natural sugars or synthetic ingredients that mimic natural sugars, such as sodium coco sulfate. Sugar is a less potent form of exfoliant than salt because the particles are smaller. This means it takes more time to see the same level of exfoliation, but is excellent if you have sensitive skin, and enjoy a good body scrub more than once a week,

Sugar scrubs are made with a combination of oil, sugar, water and other ingredients to make the product opaque - natural sugars are translucent. Sugar scrubs are typically diluted so that they are less potent than salt scrubs. The texture of sugar scrubs are more likely to rinse off entirely, so individuals have an easier time removing all of the product from their skin.

Sugar scrubs are usually diluted with other substances that allow them to exfoliate but also be gentle on the skin - water is a common additive in sugar scrub formulas.

Your favourite Sugar scrubs may contain additives for scent, colourants to make the product opaque, and extra nutrients such as, vitamins or essential oils to enhance the scrub's therapeutic benefits, and preservatives to make the product last longer.

Sugar scrubs are particularly excellent to exfoliate the lips, They are definite must have in anyone's beauty arsenal if you want to keep your lips, soft, full, juicy and kissable.

Sugar scrubs may be marketed for the way they make skin look and feel - smooth and glowing. Salt scrubs are often marketed for therapeutic benefits, such as improving circulation and also said to help relax muscles after a hard workout.

So there you have it. Both scrubs are an excellent way to exfoliate your body. We have a variety of salt and sugar scrubs to choose from. So give our scrubs some love, and get scrubbing.

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